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Often we think about tithing and offering and are told to bring our best to the Lord. Our best is often defined as 10% of our pay check and then whatever else we can offer above and beyond. We are also told to sacrifice with special love offerings to the Lord! All of these things are supposed to show where are heart finds its dedication, the more we are dedicated, the more we will give.

Well let me be the first to tell you that God is not impressed with your giving. You can’t give anything material that will cause Him to suddenly turn to you and clap His hands. He created everything and all that we have is His anyway.

I want to tell you also that God does not want your money and He does not want your time; what he wants is ALL of you. He gave His all for you and asks the same of you.

Take a look at this image. You are in kindergarten and you take some clay and mold a gift for your mother. Some dirt and leaves get stuck in the clay but you still work on it. You accidentally drop it and it breaks and crumbles. In the end, it does not look anything like what you wanted it to look like. You walk home all frustrated and sad wishing you could have done a better job with the gift. You get home and you really don’t want to give it to your mom, hoping that she does not ask about the project, but she does. Reluctantly and sadly you give it to her making all excuses about it. Expecting the worst she looks at it, all crumbled and dirty and smiles. She tells you how perfect it is and it is just what she needed from you. She takes it and puts it in a prominent place to display it for others to see. Not only that, but she shows it off to others. You are just awe struck by the amount if love and joy you feel from your mom. You feel acceptance and peace in place of the fear you once had.

This is the image of us and our lives. We take our lives and try to make it on our own, we try to mold it in our image but it only crumbles. We feel rejected and dirty but we come to the Lord and bring Him our broken life. That is exactly what He wanted. He was waiting the entire time for you to finally bring Him your life. He does not want your money, He wants your all.

If you are reading this and you feel hurt and rejected or that you life is missing something. Well pick up the pieces, no matter how crumbled and broken they are, and bring them to the One Who will take them and restore your joy. God will take your broken life and make it complete in Him. He has a purpose and plan for you if you will just come to Him. The life He has for you will far exceed anything you can build on your own. Come to Him today.


January 12, 2013

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