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Shame on us for making our pastor constantly nurse us with milk! We need to be out developing disciples not sitting in the church just waiting for our next sip of milk!

God is not pleased!

We have the opportunity to finally get away from the milk and get into the meat. How dare you waste this opportunity! Yes it might cost money to provide these classes. Just like it costs you to eat every day; groceries cost money and don’t forget every time you go to Outback Steakhouse and China King Buffet… But what we have here is a buffet that is worth more than you can imagine! You can take classes on any number of subjects and topics. Some for college credit and some just for personal development. Either way, you’ve got to take advantage of the resources provided in your church!

The Bible talks about rolling up our sleves getting ready to do work… my friends you can’t work unless you learn your job! You don’t start off day one at McDonalds already knowing how to fry the french fries or flip the burgers, do you? No. You might have had an idea of what it looked like and what you thought it was like… but no… you had to learn. Just like many of you think you know how to witness and you act like you know how to how to be a Christian… but it’s often just acting. Many well meaning Christians (like myself) sat back and did the church thing on Sunday and possibly on another night; but there was no true development as a Christian.

You have not taken the time to prepare for the calling that God placed on you so He can’t use you to your full potential in Him!

Get off the milk!

Stop using the ‘Spirit of God’ as your excuse for not taking classes. Yes, the Spirit will teach you things that man cannot… but that doesn’t keep you from learning what man CAN teach you. You can learn so many things while taking classes. I am not talking about having to earn a degree; I am just simply talking about taking classes that will push you to that potential to live out your calling. Your CALLING comes with a COST!

Jesus paid a cost for His calling, Paul paid a cost for his, each of the disciples paid a cost for their calling! Your pastor is paying a cost for their calling. So, in order to prepare you for your full calling, you need to pay the cost!

Get moving! Get studying and GET OFF THE MILK!

January 1, 2013

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