Only God can read minds

In attempting to understand each other unfortunately we sometimes have an ideal view of relationships. In our marriage, sometimes we feel the other person should “just know” what is wrong or “figure it out.” The problem here is an idealistic view of a relationship. The one spouse is saying, in essence, “If you really loved me, you would already know what is wrong.” Or it might be, “If you loved me you would not have forgotten (whatever it is).” Leaving the other spouse always in the losing side without any way to live up to those expectations.

It may be true that you have had to tell him to wipe off the sink after he shaves more than fifty times in your marriage; but it is NOT true that him forgetting to wipe the sink off means he does not care for you or the love is gone. It may also be true that she dropped off the laundry at the other cleaners and forgot to tell you; but it is not true that her actions mean that she does not love you.

We have to realize that there is NO ONE on the earth who can read minds and would be able to meet that expected goal. The only One who can read minds is God Himself. It is interesting to note that although God knows your thoughts, He still expects you to communicate those thoughts to Him in prayer as a part of your loving relationship with Him. Sharing your thoughts and pains, your desires and fears with God is a part of a loving relationship and investment into that relationship.

I offer to you, that God, the creator of marriage and relationships, wants us to see something here. He wants us to see that in our marriage, we need to communicate, openly and without reservation (as trust is being built of course). So take a look at your marriage, are you expecting your spouse to read your mind? Are you holding them to a higher standard than God’s example for relationships?

If you are, repent of that and ask God to help you build the relationship and communication back up.

God Bless you.

January 4, 2013

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