Wear your wedding ring

I was asked to write an article regarding wedding rings so I thought about it and about my various discussions with both married and unmarried on the topic.

Overall it seems that wearing the ring is most important for the married couple as a representation of the commitment made, the covenant. God tells us to write His Word on our hearts but also has passages that discuss tying them on arm bands and other items that are worn physically. The Bible often speaks about our physical lifestyle and worldview be a clear distinction between us and the world. We have a requirement to be a living testimony, showing our internal and very personal and private commitment to God outwardly to others. He goes on to talk about if we are ashamed of our relationship to Him then He will likewise be ashamed of us to His Father.

Wedding-RingsAs the marriage relationship is often compared to the believer and Jesus’ relationship, we can see a few things here.

The ring is a tangible, outward expression of a personal and private internal commitment. We should not be ashamed or afraid to clearly demonstrate that commitment publicly. Just as we proclaim our love and devotion to Christ without reservation, so should we proclaim our love and devotion to our spouse.

Will the ring stop a spouse from breaking the commitment? No more that owning a Bible makes you safe from sin. It is a continuing renewal and devotion to that commitment that keeps the marriage secure, just as the same goes for our relationship with Christ.

I will say this, many people have told me about not being able to wear a ring for various reasons (work, tools, etc). Regardless, when you are not at work or using tools then you should have your ring on that finger. At the very least you and your spouse need to agree on a bracelet or some other outward expression.

Also note this, we are lying to others if our ring is missing and we are not showing any appearance of the marriage covenant. You are playing with the feelings of others if you are “out there” and giving all signals of being single. Even if you aren’t planning to do anything you are still lying. It is not a joke or funny at all to those who take your misrepresentation for truth and in their heart have been swayed towards you. (This comment is especially for the men I know personally who frequently go out without their ring on purpose to play with women’s emotions as if it were a game).

The Bible says for us to make our commitments with serious consideration, do not enter in to them lightly.

So please wear your ring, it is a tangible expression of your intangible, eternal commitment to your spouse.

January 25, 2013

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