Being Right and not Arrogant

20130206-201326.jpgWhen we make statements such as “People who think this way are ignorant” or “All who believe this are stupid,” we are putting a whole entire people group in judgment.  There is a big difference for what you or I believe and who a person is or is not. Let me give you some examples to help explain.

I am a Christian conservative and I have some very strongly held fundamental views of heaven, hell, the Bible, creation, science, abortion, death penalty, war, etc. I also have views on foods I like, music and games. Just because I believe a certain thing or act a certain way in your eyes, does not equate to everyone else who may think or act like me. You can try to lump me in with pro-lifers and say “all pro-lifers are ignorant and selfish.” Now it may be the case that I am ignorant and selfish, but it is probably not the case that ALL people who are pro-life are.

Another example, my child or mixed heritage might be very smart and intelligent. That does not mean that all mixed children are smart and intelligent, some could not be able to boil water.  Making wide statements on an entire people group is arrogant.

So let me now get into trouble.  I may personally think that homosexuality is a sin, however, saying that does not mean that I think all homosexuals are stupid people who deserve death or should be mistreated or hated.  As I have said before, each person is created by God and has value given to them by being imparted with His image.  Even people in whom we disagree with their views or lifestyle are nonetheless people who have the image of God.  My personal view on sin does not contradict my personal views on the value of someone’s life and even their opinions that might be different than mine.

So you can be “right” without being arrogant. Your right view on abortion, whatever that view is, does not mean that you stand overtop of people with differing views and lump all of them together into mass judgment and hatred.

Another example, in my rightness, I may think that eating too much cheese can make someone constipated (because it is correct that cheese makes some people constipated). That does not mean that everyone who eats cheese is constipated. However in our arrogance we tend to make blanket statements such as “All people who eat cheese are constipated and need an enema.”

I hope you see where I am going with this.  I may be rambling on, but this is my blog and I can ramble if I want to.  I just think as Christians, as humans even, we need to remember that in our own “rightness”, we can still be wrong in our approaching others.  We can be arrogant and completely full of hate or we can choose to have a view and express that view without said arrogance.  People may still respond by calling you names, no one likes to be told their view is wrong; but you do not have to retaliate but rather respond in love.

Please refrain from judging others based upon my views and thoughts, judge me alone.  I stand on my own and my views are mine, I am not a representative of all white people, all people from Virginia, or Christian conservatives. Thank you.

February 28, 2014

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