She Loves Eggs

Isley watches these egg videos on YouTube.  No really, she does.  Go on YouTube and search for “surprise eggs” and you will see.  There are millions of people watching these videos of some anonymous person opening these eggs.  Thanks to some lawsuits in America (I am told), we no longer are allowed to buy them here in the States.  However, thanks to Mommy Koonce we were able to get her some from Australia.

We tried to give her one or two a week…… but if you recall from status updates, she found the box and opened the rest of the eggs in one day!  She hid behind the couch and did it so she knows she was wrong.

Anyway, this video was taken with her opening her third and fourth egg, before the mass opening incident.  Enjoy!

Watch the Egg video!


March 30, 2014

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