I Cry

I cry, not for the loss of a great comedian, but I cry. Not for the joy he brought so many and the jokes and fun yet unknown, but yet I cry. I cry, not for his family and those who loved him who are also sad and full of tears, but I cry.

I cry because I personally know the pain he felt when the show was over, and it is time to go back to reality. I cry because I personally have felt the loneliness that drapes around you like a wet robe, sticking to every part of your body and is so cold, makes you so cold, I cry. I cry because I can recall in vivid thoughts and dreams all of the hurt and pain that still resides there, deep within, never knowing when or where it will return, I cry. My own human frailty playing out in front of me, I cry. Here I am, just as he was, and so I cry.

August 12, 2014


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