Searching for Validation

A lot of us find ourselves fighting with someone to get them to understand our emotions or our reasons for feeling a certain way.  We spend hours and tear wrenching hours for that matter trying to get our thoughts across to someone else, just trying to get them for once to say that they understand […]

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Healing for your hurting marriage

Your marriage can be restored no matter the problem. God can heal all wounds whether they were caused on accident or on purpose. If the two return to their first love, Jesus, then they can be restored to their second love, each other. A partnership must be reformed and their marriage must take top priority […]

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Forgiveness – the first step

(This is what I wrote up on the way to preach a message since God had re-written in my head what I was going to talk about that night.  So this is what I wrote out.  What I preached/taught was not this verbatim, but I used this as a guide on what I felt God […]

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January 1, 2013

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