Feeling abandoned by God?

I am writing this to anyone who currently feels like they are abandoned by God or struggling with those feelings.

Please know you will get those days. There are times when we feel alone physically and spiritually. We feel lost and afraid and abandoned. There are also times when we feel spiritually alone like God has walked away from us. I can tell you that there is no way God has walked on.

The feeling of abandonment tends to be rooted in our spiritual walk with Christ. When we struggle with sin, or anger or other burdening emotions, we tend to let ourselves get more isolated. The devil likes to make us feel unworthy and secluded and that we are not a part of anyone or anything. He is attempting to pull you away from God.

So that might be what you are experiencing. And if you notice it for what it is, you can combat it better.

While you are feeling abandoned, you are clearly going through a period of time when the enemy is attacking your thoughts and desires and feeding into your flesh. Anyone will tell you that we’ve all been there at some point and most have been there a few times, so you are not alone in this and there are people around you who will be good encouragers through this; do not push away from those around you because God can use them to support you.

Right now, your best thing to do is to focus your thoughts on who God says you are; you are precious and beautiful, worth His Son dying on the cross and worth His attention. He considers you more valuable than any single person on this earth ever could. And He literally thought about you and prayed for you while He was on this earth. You were specifically designed and purposefully made within your mother’s womb. It is that purpose that He put you here and He wants you to live that out.

Once you realize how important you are to Him and He cares for you more than anyone or anything; you will begin to learn that you can rest and relax in Him. You will begin to put aside all of those desires and things that flood your mind that cause distraction and confusion and start to pull yourself closer to Him.

Please know that those fleeting thoughts and flooding emotions and feelings are not sin. But allowing them to linger and not taking control over them is when the sin and struggle occurs. So at this point I ask that you take control and command over your thoughts and devote them to the Lord. Focus on Him and His relationship with you and NOTHING else for a while. Let Him begin to show you His love for you personally through reading His Word and listening to praise and worship. He will speak to your heart. And you will find peace. Get yourself around strong Christians who can support you through this time and as you yourself start to get stronger, you will be able to support others. After your strength increased, let God use you to help others struggling through their feelings and hurts; He is willing and able to turn what was meant to hurt you into something that helps you and others.

If you want to talk to someone right now, you can call 1-888-Need-Him and they will walk you through strengthening your relationship with God. You can also post here, or contact me through this website. There is no need to struggle and be alone.