Bad things happening all around

devil deceiver

devil deceiverThis is from a comment I posted on Facebook regarding the Navy Yard shooting in September 2013. It is a summary of my thoughts about this word in which we live.

“The fact is, we live in a dying world and evil and hatred abounds in it. Bad and evil things happen to people on a daily basis. Our world has lost or is losing the understanding of the value of life. We no longer treasure life as a gift that it is and rather consider it a usable commodity to get what we want or need. This will continue and continue no matter how many laws or rules are in place because our world can not and will not save itself.

Our world can only change with a savior and He is Jesus Christ. The Only Way to salvation and freedom from all the evil in this world. With Christ, these evil events are understood as just that, a bad thing happening due to a lost and dying world. Only Jesus can change the heart of man, only He can bring life out of death and faith out of fear. It is only in Him that we find true escape from the destructive pull of this world and the sin that so easily captures us and those around us.”

September 19, 2013

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