In Honor of Our Anniversary

My wife and I at our 10 year vow renewal in 2006

My wife and I at our 10 year vow renewal in 2006

This year, marks our 18th year together as husband and wife.  I wanted my wife to be able to read and watch our vow renewal from 2006 and I felt that I should share with you all the same.  Please feel free to watch the video (I made it smaller, if you want a bigger one just email me and ask) and also read our vows we wrote for each other.  I pray that you are blessed as much as I am to relive these moments.

Tatana, we have been through many ups and downs.  We have been through some times of complete darkness and sadness.  But in all those times, you have been there for me and for us all along the way.  You have continued to push me or drag me where I need to be and I have tried to be the man I need to be for you, for myself and for our children.  My deepest desire is that you know Christ and His love before you know any other love, including my own.  And I hope that in some way I can be a physical representative of that same type of powerful love.  Thank you for not giving up on me, God’s not done with me yet and He is not done with us yet.  We live a “To Be Continued” marriage.  I look forward to many more years with you.


Tatana’s Written Vow (Word Document)

Matt’s Written Vow (Word Document)

Vow Renewal Video (Windows Media Video)

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